Arouse.  Organize.  Mobilize.

CNS believes that we can only understand our current national situation, especially the Philippine's chronic crisis in education, by having series of educational discussions conducted by the organization.

Articles used in the discussions includes popular writings from different nationalist leaders around the world.

If we believe that our country is serving the needs of US Imperialism, therefore, we must establish an organization, a group of people that combats commercialized, colonial, and fascist education (CCFE) and culture with a Nationalist, Scientific, and Mass-Oriented (NSMO Education) One.  We must conduct series of education discussion, both inside and outside the members of CNS, engage then in debates, and invite them to join in an organization like us.

After establishing our group as a strong mass base as an army to fight CCFE, we will continue to have series of group discussions, basic mass integrations, protests and mobilizations.

Why do we have to mobilize?

In this kind of semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, wherein political power is concentrated to few people, as well as wealth, they will do all possible measures to remain in their current state.  That includes entering the government system, or what we call Bureaucrat-Capitalism.  They make and implement law that will serve them. 

We in CNS, believes that destroying the current bourgeois order and system through series of educational discussions, published articles, cultural activities, and mass actions to show that there are large number of individuals, particularly us, that fights the current unjust order.